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Liver Treatment at Aarogyacare Ayurveda

At Aarogyacare Ayurveda, we understand the pivotal role your liver plays in maintaining overall health. Our holistic approach to liver treatment blends the wisdom of Ayurveda with modern medical insights, ensuring comprehensive care.

Our experienced Ayurvedic practitioners offer personalized treatment plans that address liver disorders, detoxify the liver, and promote optimal liver function. We harness the power of natural herbs, lifestyle modifications, and diet to rejuvenate your liver health.

Trust us to alleviate liver ailments, improve digestion, and boost your energy levels. Experience the gentle yet effective healing of Ayurveda for your liver. Your journey to a healthier liver begins here.

Ayurvedic Liver Treatments

Liver Cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis is a serious and progressive condition that affects the liver, often as a result of chronic liver disease and inflammation. At Aarogyacare Ayurveda, we understand the importance of holistic healthcare and offer effective Ayurvedic treatments to manage liver cirrhosis. Our Ayurvedic approach focuses on the root

Fatty Liver

Fatty liver, also known as hepatic steatosis, is a common condition where excess fat accumulates in the liver. This condition can be attributed to various factors, including an unhealthy lifestyle, poor dietary choices, and even genetic predisposition.  Left unmanaged, it can lead to more severe liver conditions.


Jaundice is a common liver disorder that affects people of all ages. It manifests as the yellowing of the skin and eyes and is often associated with fatigue, weakness, and digestive issues. While conventional medicine offers treatment options, Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine


Hepatitis, a group of viral infections affecting the liver, has become a global health concern. Conventional treatments often involve antiviral medications and vaccines. However, at Aarogyacare Ayurveda, we offer an alternative approach to hepatitis treatment that focuses

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